STRANGER DANGER! (12.22.11 – Day 966)

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25 thoughts on “STRANGER DANGER! (12.22.11 – Day 966)

  1. Lillian Greenberg

    i was watching todays vlog where they were getting new collars, then i
    decided to go to a random one and chose this one, where they were picking

  2. That_girl_14

    That’s happened to me. My brother pushed me into a like row thing of fine
    china and I fell back and like 12 rows got knocked over. It was bad. Haha I
    wish but that happened to my cousin. That’s a joke again. Haha. That would
    be awesome.

  3. MrUlloa1

    @juniorjags00 Man she said “Oh its in my mouth” and then “oh its all over
    me” what are you talking about!?!?!

  4. yazmine134

    Noooooo! I want snow here! There is none yet and it’s december 27! I live
    in freaking Canada! Hate global warming 🙁

  5. cj10231

    i was kind of sad that i had no snow on christmas, i am in chicago…there
    has been no snow this winter, doesn’t feel like winter.

  6. TacomaPaul

    Have always wondered how Apple was able to use the “Apple” name. Maybe the
    Beatles sold or “gave up” the Apple label name. Or their idiot shyster
    Allen Klein sold it.