STRANGER DANGER – CHILD ABDUCTIONS : Would Anyone Help Your Child When Being Abducted?

Stranger Danger Child Abductions caught on tape! – A real life Missing Girl Child Abduction Test to see how the public reacts – This investigation video capt…


24 thoughts on “STRANGER DANGER – CHILD ABDUCTIONS : Would Anyone Help Your Child When Being Abducted?

  1. Elizabeth Chopyk

    Not to put emphasis on the color of the guy’s but I happen to notice there
    race help’s a lot with situations like this!! I see it in the news a lot
    with rescues.

  2. Yeng Pu

    I’m sure the people that walked right by would have said they would help if
    they saw this video before the test. People like to think themselves hero’s
    even when they’re not.

  3. iggy1008

    People are selfish, cowards and pigs! I’m a skinny ass dude and would have
    prevented something like this. Dont wait for others to take action! Take
    action yourself! I hope the human race ends one day because we are a
    destructive breed.

  4. nfitz92691

    Maybe if the girl didn’t say the same line over and over again like a
    broken tape recorder or if the abductor were more crazy looking. More like
    the pedophiles that we see on t.v then people would recognize it more.

  5. Starrie Durst

    When I see this it makes me mad that none of the white people stop and
    these blacks guys walk by turned around and help. Thank goodness black men

  6. wakemenote

    Do this same scenario where the citizen’s have the right to carry a
    concealed weapon. I commend the men that were willing to do something
    anyway. This took so long because this was done in New York where they have
    disarmed there citizen’s

  7. annalise162002

    They probebly walked by because they thought it was a kid having a tantrum
    im mean im a kid I know you say stuff when your angry like your not my dad
    help me and ect

  8. Iris Ri

    If only the child’s acting skills and abduction itself was more believable.
    Honestly if i saw that in action i would have probably done nothing and
    just thought the girl was being noisy…

  9. bobokittyFukk

    FAAAAAAAAAAk this shit!

    The white man is under attack from all angles!

    These liberal liar manipulators needs to stop self projecting their own big
    vagina on to all the others within their race.

    Classic; I feel better about myself if its a white thing to be pussy so I
    will try and make the black man the MAN.

    Its the same shit with the seatbelt and the scooter helmet. FAAAAAAAAK

  10. Tommy

    their arent many pedophiles in the black community for a reason .
    touching/harming children is big fucking no. 

  11. DoggyClawz

    I like how only the black guys helped there’s some prove you racist fuck
    that they are not all evil

  12. Sawyer Trombly

    It’s not a child abduction at all he says where were you? like she is his
    daughter and plus she is a 7 year old saying your not my dad! I would think
    that the mans daughter ran off because she was mad at something and then he
    found her

  13. Steve cl

    Traumatic events as a child, beaten molested. I don’t know if I could have
    stopped. Very dangerous game your playing!

  14. napp

    Despite the conception some ‘media’ want to spread of Blacks, this is the
    4th video where I see that Blacks were the first ones (if not the only
    ones) to react.
    Go figure……

  15. Mckinley W

    isn’t it weird that the only 2 black dudes in the video helped her? Just
    something to think about.