Stranger Danger – DayZ Standalone

A survivor in need is a friend indeed! Helping justice and karma find a satisfying conclusion one encounter at a time! Follow on Twitter!…


25 thoughts on “Stranger Danger – DayZ Standalone

  1. TheScientist9000000

    Mr. JamJar, I have been sitting in Gorka for a while, logging in everyday
    to gather some loot, and I check the police station every day but can’t
    find any tactical vest
    or press vest. Is there other places other thn the bases that they spawn

  2. NibiruMagick2012

    Issac was epic…. Glad to see some good guys at work.
    It’s rare I go to bases… Too much loot to be had to bandit.
    Have fun.

  3. yılmaz demelioğlu

    Lol can u make a video about reacts of people getting scared by some scary
    music like the twinkle little star

  4. Viva

    Some of the best times I’ve had were in Solnichniy 😀 Great job, I like
    playing the same way you do. Sweeeet revennngeee

  5. Christian Vásquez

    Totally awesome Jam Jar! I though the guy with the SKS were going to get
    you but he was a terrible shooter or intimidated.

  6. DaGreatOne

    Awesome video mate i liked the bit when we went to save me buddy. i enjoyed
    playing with you maybe do it again some time ? haha (this is Just Kyle)

  7. edpenn13

    Brilliant killing, fucking brilliant. Loving your guys philosophy of being
    outrageously friendly but yet outrageously swift in dishing out justice to
    the cretins that deserve it. GG.