Stranger Danger – Dont Talk to Strangers -1950’s

Warning children in the 50’s of the dangers of strangers. Teaching children to be aware of the danger of strangers, how to behave to keep safe. And shows how…


3 thoughts on “Stranger Danger – Dont Talk to Strangers -1950’s

  1. maserati990

    This is a very educational 1950s video telling children about these child
    predators and not to talk strangers/adults like not accepting rides in
    cars, candy ect.

    I came upon this video as i read about a child abduction and murder case
    of a 7 year old little girl that happened in the 1950s (sadly with her case
    it ended tragic, and the child predator/murderer wasn’t found until many
    decades after) The case involved a 7 year old little girl named Maria
    Ridulph who was playing outside on 3rd December 1957 with her friend when a
    young man who introduce himself as Johnny came up to them offered Maria a
    piggyback ride and asked if she liked dolls and could he see her doll,
    Maria went home to get her doll and asked her mother if she could take her
    doll outside she said yes. Maria’s friend stayed with Johnny and he asked
    her if she would like to take a ride with him in his car she said no. When
    Maria returned with her doll and got another piggyback ride from the man,
    Maria’s friend went home to get her gloves for her hands as she was feeling
    cold when she returned to the spot Maria was gone and so was the man. I
    believe the man also asked Maria if she like to take a ride in his car and
    Maria would of said yes.

    The whole community searched for the little girl, thousands upon thousands
    of people searched for her. They found her doll laying in a front yard of a
    neighbors house. Her case made national headlines right up to J. Edgar
    Hoover and the President of United States Dwight D. Eisenhower. Her parents
    were just frantic hoping their little girl. Her body was found 5 months
    later in April 1958. Her killer was found in 2011 and sentenced to life in
    prison in 2012 he was 17 when he murdered the 7 year old little girl.

    During her abduction and when she was found dead, the whole community
    changed forever, parents, school teachers talked with children about not
    accepting rides, piggyback rides, candy and not talking to
    strangers/adults. I read children were not allowed to played outside by
    themselves without parents watching them.

    I am wondering because this video was made in the 1950s and Maria’s case
    was in 1957 and the case made huge news at that time, maybe this video was
    made because of Maria’s abduction/murder. Not sure what year this was made
    through and if it is a American documentary/video. I just thought about
    Maria when watching this video her case seems like the perfect pedophilia
    abduction (giving piggy-back rides, asking if she liked dolls asking to
    take a ride in his car, gaining trust for the child so she can go with him)

    Check my channel out i have the 48 hours documentary on Maria’s murder case
    and her killer who has been caught just recently and sentenced to life in