Stranger Danger Education

Stranger Danger Education Program. Developed for primary education safety for children.


25 thoughts on “Stranger Danger Education

  1. DebbieDooTV

    For first term, kids have been learning about protective behaviors in
    school. This is where I first saw your video. This is a really informative
    and easy to understand video that I have now shown my kids many times –
    thank you. 

  2. TheMrSpam

    avoid all strangers,
    people walking in my neigbourhood,
    do not help people
    all this time i thought i was sociallly awkward, thanks texas county!

  3. TigerLilly

    … What’s Scooby Doo’s number?! What’s Willy Wonka’s number?! They’re not
    in the phone book!!! Oh yeah, and just turn the sprinklers on. If he
    doesn’t go away, then call 911. 🙂 xD Just kidding… Maybe call 911 first
    then turn the sprinklers on. Or ask the operator if you can do that.

  4. GamerCollectorUploader

    so the guy at 1:30 runs up to a kid in a crowded playground and even an
    adult sitting right behind them to ask for his dog ‘Maggie’. SO NOT

  5. Festive Tavi

    Hey! Your mom’s gotten stabbed in her stomach, and she’s slowly bleeding
    out! If you don’t get in my car with me right now you may never see her
    alive again!

  6. JudicialSerenade

    a stranger is apparently some creepy looking guys as well as crazy looking
    women. But no, really, strangers are strangers, no matter f they are
    attractive or not, you stay away form people, trust no one and mind your
    own business, some parents need to teach their kids this, instead of these
    people. it’s the parents job first. 

  7. Sergio Perez

    You can just say, I can tell to stranger just be cool and say hey I have
    some brother and sister I have to take care of… Then if he doesn’t
    believe run for it 

  8. Colsen Semple

    01:40 – C- I’m not allowed to talk to strangers
    02:45 – D- Go home or to a friend’s house and call his mother
    03:56 – B- Do not talk to the stranger and call 911 and parents
    05:57 – A, B, and C
    07:47 – B – Kick and Scream: You’re not my mother! Your a stranger!!!!

  9. Pitt412050

    “Say kid, I see that method acting is not your strongest ability, parents
    usually require two, and your way to old to be a “parents” parent, but
    still young enough not to be your grandmother is sitting on that park bench
    watching us from 8 feet away. So all of this being accounted for, would
    you come find my dog. Oh, and of course, a Scooby Doo.”

  10. TheLonelizard

    When i was in this amusement park, this lady asked me to go on a ride with
    her son bc she couldn’t go on, i was only 6 and i said okay, but my mom
    showed up in time and said “No”

  11. xena jones

    ok strangers don’t always look creepy next it’s not always strangers who do
    the kid napping of children teens or adults most of time it’s some one the
    family knows , parents should teach children that and adult would never and
    should never ask them for help the would ask another adult not a child