Stranger Danger – KCMG TV

A creepy stranger sits with Kyle and Jeremy and talks about children. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: http://www.twitte…


25 thoughts on “Stranger Danger – KCMG TV

  1. Mordren Chen

    Been watching your videos from internet icon. Been supporting you ever
    since. So sorry to know that you were eliminated. Your videos here so way
    so much better than those in internet icon, to be honest. Gosh, you got
    amazing videos here.

  2. ForeverRememberable

    Lol. I can’t stop laughing. Oh I love this video, I need to laugh like this

  3. Saltydog Productions

    Thats disgusting and appalling!!!….hes using the wrong technique when
    applying the chapstick lol

  4. datmplusn

    This is so good Comedy man! 😀 You are really good at this. Keep it up!
    Greetings from germany