Stranger Danger! No TTC Update for me.

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25 thoughts on “Stranger Danger! No TTC Update for me.

  1. luuvleigh

    Hi There! Just stumbled upon your page! I’m a TTC’er and just started
    making videos a few weeks ago. Looking forward to updates from you! :)

  2. RomanticStyle98

    I hope you still ttc I have pcos too had cyst in both fallopian tubes. My
    left one is cleared up my right one isn’t just yet. I did diet for alittle
    over a year and concived 🙂 I was 210lbs (got there due to despression and
    my pre pregnancy wieght was 169lbs I’m now 179lbs(really am 174) they
    include the baby’s weight in it. I heard you said you want to diet. My diet
    was slim fast diet I ate whatever I wanted only thing I didn’t eat was red
    meat. Beef,goat,ox, etc.

  3. aynsleyhasfaith

    I’m not going to TTC til next year so I don’t have videos yet. But I
    recommend bfpneeded, stphbrjo, ooomyblessing7ooo, and ttcafterlossjourney.
    I follow some others but their youtube names are a bunch of random letters
    and numbers…lol

  4. Leigh Inafishbowl

    So glad I saw your video!! I love your sweet spirit and am praying for you.
    I am in a funk too with my diet and exercise. Slurps. But motivation will
    come soon I hope!! Praying you find it too when your heart is ready. For
    now, just rest in the Lord and let Him lead! ((((HUGS)))

  5. sbcharger ful

    I will be starting videos soon again. I will be doing ivf and I did my
    first Lupron injection today. Transfer around Novemeber 13. Follow me if
    you would like.

  6. DCLDivaB

    It’s so wonderful to see you. You made total sense about not wanting to
    feel sorry for yourself because you aren’t in the right place, yet, to make
    changes. It takes such a strong woman to say that! You will use that same
    strength, when you’re ready, to tackle whatever obstacles are left in your
    way between you and holding your future beautiful baby. It’s totally OK to
    throw a pity party and take time away to reflect! I am always here,
    anytime, if you need to talk! I’ll bring the Ready Whip. 🙂

  7. GreenEyedLady84

    Im so happy you are back! Seriously missed you 🙂 I totally understand
    wanting to step away, I did the same thing last month and it was a nice
    break. Glad you’re back :)))

  8. audragirlify

    I completely understand your frustrations!!! I have a bad case of pcos but
    I’m working with a new doctor who is treating it very aggressively, yay! My
    blog channel isn’t strictly ttc although I don’t hold any of that back. I’d
    love love love for you to check out my blog channel marriedokies don’t give
    up hope!

  9. Lovin LBmommy

    I am still all about the TTC vlogs even though I’m pregnant. I know what
    you mean about vlogs. Seems there was a point where literally everyone I
    was subscribed to was pregnant. Always good to see you though and I’m sorry
    that you are in a funk.You are such a positive person & I think that you
    have a good mindset.

  10. Lisa MarieTTC

    Stranger Danger!!!! I MISS YOU! Glad your doing well and keeping you in
    prayer always. Looking forward to many things….tsk tsk…. We shall talk
    soon! xoxo

  11. WaitingforBabyTeeter

    I know how that feels. You know what you need to do to help the situation,
    but pushing yourself is hard, especially when this is not the way it should
    be in order to conceive and have a healthy baby.

  12. Mirela Lovic

    God why is so hard to get pregnant When we have good life and husband s who
    is here to support us..only think we are missing is baby.and I c girls
    having one night stand they get pregoo then abortion. .I am trying for
    1year now and even after clomid still nothing. So tired of this.but love
    every ttc thankful to god for my son that I got him when I
    wasn’t even trying. 9 years ago..keep positive thoughts. .baby dust to all
    of you ladies

  13. AliciaAMS

    I’m so glad to see a new video from you! I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t
    been feeling your best 🙁 I definitely hear where you are coming from.
    Sometimes taking a break and shutting out everything TTC is all we need to
    get back into the swing of things. Sending my prayers your way. Lots of
    love and big hugs! 🙂

  14. BabyHopes13

    So good to see you again! Check out Holly H she is a new TTC girl. Wishing
    you the best on your break. I’m on a mandatory break right now. Can’t wait
    to hear about your plans for the new year!