Stranger Danger!!! (Question and Answer)

Strangers scare me, so I decided to become friends with you all 🙂 Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below! [Click “More Info” for super cool…


25 thoughts on “Stranger Danger!!! (Question and Answer)

  1. AlexAndHisWorld

    This video has been up for only 4 hours and I just want to say I love
    everyone who left comments. You all are so nice and I love hearing from you

  2. thetollernerd

    It’s great to see you still want to keep in touch with your audience. I
    can’t wait to see what’s to come!

  3. AB Cinematography

    yooo im going to college for marketing and film, and im also going to run
    in college. You do deca in highschool?

  4. BMB Reads

    PAPER TOWNS, PAPER TOWNS! Sorry, I had to say something about it.
    Have you ever thought about starting booktubing?

  5. SuperLostInStereo

    You’re super cool and funny and i totally didn’t regret subscribing to you!
    And this video made my night. Thank you so much :)

  6. BornFromRain14

    In the beginning you mention age being based off maturity and I think it’s
    funny how you seemed to brush it off like you’d be considered younger.
    Based on the way you present yourself and speak and most of your content
    I’d say you’d be considered older. I was kind of shocked when you said you
    were 19, honestly.