Stranger Danger : Sweets (1988)

One of a set of UK public information films warning children of the danger of strangers. Special thanks to ‘Hotshot78’ for the source footage.


25 thoughts on “Stranger Danger : Sweets (1988)

  1. doobiesmoke15

    Little Johny is walking home one day when a man in a large car pulls up
    alongside him. “hello Little boy” he whispers.. “if I give you a sweet will
    you come in my car” Johny smiles and says “Give me the whole packet and
    I’ll come in your mouth”

  2. NorthamRob

    showed my grandad this video earlier today, his responce Grandad:”in my
    day, we didnt have strangers,we hade to buy are own bloody sweets”. >:(

  3. Alexis Cortez

    no no it should of went like this Stranger: would you like a sweet? girl:
    No thanks i dont want crack but come back to me with some blt (bacon
    lettuce tomato) and maybe just maybe we’ll talk bye.

  4. mcwolfus

    You dont bait kids with a bag of sweets these days lol, you’ll be needing a
    nice iphone, or something like that.

  5. Thetellurianvortex

    It depends if he had a packet of strawberry fruit tella’s, then yes i would
    have gone with him.