Student who alleged rape refuses to go with parents

The 19-year-old engineering student who complained of being raped by a stranger posing as a policeman on Monday has told police that she is still in trauma. She has been kept in a special home in Adyar as she refused to go with her parents.

She is not talking even to her friends. The investigation officers are confused after doctors at two government hospitals who examined her did not find any physical signs of rape, police said. “We are trying to find out who took the woman from Sunrise Avenue off ECR on Monday when she was with her friend,” an officer said.

CCTV footage showed the woman riding pillion on a bike with a man. Though the girl initially told police that the man was wearing khaki trousers and white shirt, later she said she was not sure about the colour.

Police have showed her photographs of all the police personnel in the locality, besides those of youth brigade wing and home guards. She could not identify the suspect.

Meanwhile, the girl’s father, who works in TNEB, said he had fixed her marriage with a man from Kancheepuram. She might be cooking up the story to stop the marriage, he told police.