Student arrested for school threat made on Snapchat says it was a joke

A student has been arrested after police said he made threats to an Attica school and specific students via a social media post.

According to Attica Police Chief Robert Cole, officers responded to Attica Jr.-Sr. High School around 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Cole said 18-year-old Nicholas Jordan was detained for questioning for allegedly making threats on his Snapchat account to shoot up the school. Cole said Jordan also threatened specific students.

“It was inappropriate in nature, threatening in nature,” said Attica Consolidated School Corporation Superintendent Derek Marshal. “Within a matter of minutes, they and the resource officer had him in their possession.”

Cole said Jordan admitted to sending out the Snapchats. He was then arrested and taken to the Fountain County Jail.

Marshal said he was surprised that Jordan was the one to send out the threat.

“This student has not been a threat before,” Marshal said. “As a matter of fact, I was speaking to this student’s parent this morning about how excited that he is going into the Marine Corp.”

Cole said a teacher happened to see the message and alerted the principal immediately.

“There was no lockdown today because the student was in custody immediately,” Marshal said.

The student told police he sent out the post as a joke.

“As law enforcement officers and with the shootings in the schools, we take something like this very, very serious,” said Cole. “It’s one thing to say it’s a joke, but to the other students and the families involved — they don’t find it to be very funny.”

The teen was not armed and did not have any weapons with him at the time he made the threat. Jordan now faces charges for intimidation and false informing.

“He has been expelled from the school system and he will not be returning,” Cole said.