More student athletes arrested in sexual assault scandal

Police made two more arrests on Monday in a hazing scandal involving sexual assault at La Vernia High School.
Two students were led out of the high school in handcuffs, which brings the total to nine students that face sexual assault charges after seven students were arrested on March 23.

One mother chose to talk to News 4 San Antonio about the sexual assault issues that have happened at La Vernia ISD. She claims the assaults have not only taken place at the high school, but the junior high as well. She wanted to remain anonymous during the interview to protect the identity of her family.
The mother said on February 15th one 8th grade student assaulted a female classmate. “The student was enticed into the boys bathroom and was sexually assaulted. When that incident occurred two other people came forward about it and no one has heard anything since then.”
The offender was taken off campus that day and is no longer at the school, but this mom said all of the parents should have been told.
She said she is upset and frustrated because the administration did not notify the parents the issue had happened. She said she believes every parent has a right to know what happens at the school and no email, notification or call was sent to alert the parents of the incident.
News 4 San Antonio has asked numerous times for Superintendent Dr. Jose Moreno to go on camera and answer our questions, but he said he has been advised not to. Instead Dr. Moreno released this statement to News 4:
As you know, La Vernia ISD has been faced with a very difficult situation involving allegations made against and the arrests of a number of students at the District. It has been very challenging to balance and respect the rights of all involved, but that is what the District is tasked with doing. I want to make sure everyone knows that as soon as the District was informed of the arrests, our campus administrators took immediate and appropriate action; however, because of federal law protecting the confidentiality of student information, I cannot tell you what disciplinary actions have been or will be taken. In addition, we have been requested by law enforcement officials to not investigate the allegations until after they have completed theirs, and the District is complying with that request, and is taking action in accordance with the District’s Student Code of Conduct based upon the information provided by law enforcement officials to date. District personnel are fully cooperating with and assisting the La Vernia Police Department, and will continue to do so throughout their investigation into the allegations. La Vernia ISD is and will always be committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students, and has dealt with this situation with that commitment in mind. -José H. Moreno, Ed.D.