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A high school student was transported to a local hospital on Monday with cuts and abrasions following a fight that occurred in the alley behind Santa Monica High School. 

According to SMPD, officers are still looking for the suspects in the altercation which was videotaped by witnesses and students. 

The video shows several suspects striking and kicking the victim on the ground before a bystander steps in to break up the fight. SMPD said the Fire Department provided medical treatment to the victim on site before transporting him to a local hospital where he was subsequently discharged. 

Samohi principal Marae Cruce said the victim is an Off Campus Learning Center (OCLC) student and one of the suspects attends Samohi. OCLC is currently located at SMC. 

Cruce told parents that the school needs support to educate students on ways to talk through conflicts and that the community was “disappointed that a small group of our students have continued to embrace what they are seeing amongst adults on social media and in real-time.”

“It is also important that your students do not encourage, promote, record for fun or cheer on conflicts that occur during or after school, on campus or off campus,” she said in an email. “These are not laughing or celebratory events, and should not be encouraged at any time. Please remind them if they see something to inform a trusted adult, call 911, or anonymously report to”

Cruce said the school also needs help to identify potential conflicts in the student community. 

“Conflicts brewing over the summer, during the weekends or after school, eventually may end up on our school campus, which is contrary to our values and the safe and welcoming environment we strive to build on campus,” she said. “Therefore, it is important to stay diligent and aware of what is happening with your students and informing your student’s advisor, House Principal or Principal of potential issues arising.  This will help us begin the process of intervening to support the students who are in most need of support.”

The fight comes a month after a student was slashed in the face on the first day of school. 

In that case, a fight broke out on campus that resulted in the suspect using a small knife to cut the victim. The suspect in that case initially fled campus but was arrested shortly after the incident. 

*Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect the most accurate information about the victim and suspects.

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