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by Kareem Smith

At least two secondary school students had to receive medical attention after a violent altercation on a Bridgetown-bound Transport Board bus on Wednesday evening.

One of the girls is said to be nursing eye injuries which she sustained when a fire extinguisher was hurled through the bus, shattering a window.

The pandemonium unfolded just after 4:00 p.m. along Lodge Hill St Michael, just outside the Manor Lodge Complex and Price Smart Inc.

When Barbados TODAY arrived, students believed to be from the Grantley Adams Memorial School were walking briskly to a nearby bus stop as traffic attempted to manoeuvre around the Sturges bus.

As the team drew nearer, the piercing screams of a student in pain became louder. One first responder indicated that during a fight on the bus, a fire extinguisher was thrown and it shattered a window just behind the back door of the bus and glass splinters went into the girl’s eye.

Another student who was still inside the bus after the incident was said to be having a panic attack.

Physical Education teacher at Grantley Adams Memorial School, Trevor Griffith, along with the bus driver and other adults, attempted to calm the situation.

Moments later, an ambulance arrived and treated the girls on the scene. One of them was whisked away for medical treatment, accompanied by a guardian.

Principal Major Andrew Skeete later arrived to assess the situation.

When contacted later in the evening, Chief Education Officer Joy Adamson confirmed she was aware of the incident but said that she was awaiting a report from the principal. ([email protected])

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