Students are Surprising Teachers with Quirky Email Sign Offs to Fight Covid-19 Gloom in US | #students | #parents

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly derailed the lives and livelihoods of billions of people on earth. These are undoubtedly tough times and no one knows how long it is going to be like this. Amid this overshadowing gloom, some students have found ways to tide through the stress by turning to humour. A group of students in US has come up with hilarious email sign-offs in line with the times of Corona.

Dr. Jen Murray, a military historian at Oklahoma state as her Twitter bio says, shared what one of her students wrote while signing off an email. It was signed “pandemically”. Murray said she was glad that her students were coping with the terrible situation in a fun way.

Here’s the tweet:

What followed was a series of comments in which several other teachers shared their own experiences of the like. Several Twitter users came up with other similar salutations. The entire thread is now loaded with hilarious ways to end an email.

One user wrote, “Yours from six feet”, while another Tweet read, “Respectfully masked”. Many netizens showed an inclination towards using such phrases in their own communications going forward. “I am going to have to start using that. Pandemically yours,” a user expressed. One person wrote, “GOOD ONE. I won’t be using it with faculty, but nevertheless, good one.”

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the education system worldwide. Schools and colleges are having a hard time dealing with the crisis as physical classrooms have been restricted in many places.

Parents are also going through a lot of trouble to help their children while managing their own work.

But, it is the students that have had the toughest times. Separated from friends, stressed because of being confined at home, and burdened by academic activities and examinations, students are finding it difficult to cope up with the entire situation. They definitely deserve applause on their conduct, for taking on the crisis with such humor and sharing that with others, helping them too.

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