#students | #parents | Active shooter video by CSUF police highlights ‘Run, hide, fight’ tips in familiar surroundings – Orange County Register

The six students huddled in the dark with their professor in a Mihaylo Hall classroom were at the final stage of “Run, Hide, Fight.”

A panicked student had just run out of the room, triggering gunshots from the active shooter in the hallway. The two classroom doors that had until then barred the shooter were now unlocked.

Armed with makeshift weapons — a fire extinguisher, a clipboard, metal water bottle and a stick with a hook that moves the whiteboard in the front of the room — the students and their professor had only a few moments to plan their line of attack.

“Cut,” director Justin Phu told CSUF adjunct theater professor Holly Sneed, who was portraying the business professor, and the other actors — a mix of CSUF students, community service officers and others — involved in the filming of a video on an active shooter situation on campus.

CSUF’s Police Department has been with working since August with Phu and his San Diego-based Justin Phu Media on a video they hope will stand out from others on the subject.

“We wanted to make ours slightly different and hopefully memorable,” said Marissa Garza, public affairs and communications specialist for the police department. “It’s more like a film. We have main characters, and those who are watching actually invest in that character’s story and at the end should come away with some takeaways — such as anything can be used as a weapon.”

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