#students | #parents | Salem Attack Leaves Woburn Woman Badly Beaten

SALEM, MA — A Salem State University nursing student was injured in what she described as a “big brawl” near the Village Tavern Bar and Grill on Essex Street in Salem early Saturday afternoon. Four people were arrested by Salem police, who responded to the call around 1 a.m. Jayda Byrne, 20, had to have teeth knocked out during the right repaired, and she also suffered a concussion.

“It was kind of a big brawl,” Byrne told News 10 Boston, which first reported this story. “That’s what I got involved with.” Byrne’s brother shared a photo of the bruises and cuts she received on Facebook, which was widely shared Monday. Xavier Negron and his father, Angel Negron assaulted Byrne after she fought a woman named Amanda Ricko, according to News 10 Boston.

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