#students | #parents | Student arrested after fight leads to lockdown at Butler High School

This is Mrs. Gamble, Assistant Principal at Butler High School calling to inform you of a lock down that occurred at the school this morning before 7:15 a.m. During morning arrival several students were involved in an altercation that occurred outside of our cafeteria. In order to contain the incident, ensure safety of all students around the area and the school, a lockdown was called to clear hallways and remove those involved in the altercation. Parents, please be assured that’s your child’s safety will always remain a priority and communication is key in working together throughout the school year. Again, the lockdown this morning was called to clear hallways during an altercation and to ensure the safety of all students within the building. At this time all students are in classrooms and we have resumed our normal activity for the school day. Thank you for your continued support of Butler High School.

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