Students protest in Palo Alto over vote on proposed county sex assault policy study | News | #Education

Simitian, along with Supervisors Susan Ellenberg and Mike Wasserman, voted to delay any investigation for at least 60 days, giving the supervisors and county staff time to gather more information about the possible investigation.

The board requested county staff return on Nov. 17 with a recommended scope of work for the study.

“The Board majority thought that the work should be done thoughtfully and thoroughly. These issues are too important to do otherwise,” Simitian said in a statement to this news organization.

On Sunday, protesters, wearing masks and practicing social distancing, demanded Simitian back the measure when it returns to the board of supervisors in November.

In a statement, Sun — a senior at Gunn High School in Palo Alto — said 45 “student survivors” gave two hours of testimony at the board meeting.

According to recent Palo Alto High School graduate Alexa Aalami, a founder of the student group Responsive Inclusive Safe Environment, the study was important because, with the new Title IX regulations, school and college policies and procedures for handling sexual violence have been placed into disarray.

“Survivors are falling though the cracks, and we need the county to step up to the plate and help parents and students to see how their schools are handling sexual violence,” Aalami said.

Editor’s note: This story incorrectly reported the Sept. 22 action taken by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. Palo Alto Online regrets the error.

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