Substitute teacher accused of assaulting student at Isaac Lane Elementary

A Jackson mother said she wants answers after she said her son was assaulted by his substitute teacher at Isaac Lane Elementary.

“She was able to leave the school without being arrested after assaulting a 9-year-old,” concerned mother Orgas Perkins said.

Last Friday, Orgas Perkins said she was called to Isaac Lane Elementary after her 9-year-old son was shoved into a door, pushed in the head and knocked to the ground by a substitute teacher.

“I want to prove to him that something can be done, that this is not OK,” Perkins said.

Perkins said she was allowed to watch the incident captured by a school surveillance camera and decided she would file charges against the woman. She said this incident is no different than a parent assaulting a teacher.

“‘Well if I do this, won’t I be arrested?’ He said yes. So what’s the difference? This is a 9-year-old. He’s vulnerable. He’s a child — he couldn’t do anything,” Perkins said.

Off camera, Isaac Lane’s principal said that substitute was not a permanent substitute at the school but a sub from the district. She said that sub is no longer allowed on the school’s campus.

“She shouldn’t be teaching at any other school anywhere,” Perkins said. “Not even keeping people’s kids.”

The school district would not comment on this incident but released a statement saying it takes all allegations of misconduct seriously. No arrest warrant has been issued. Jackson police said this is an ongoing investigation.

The name of the accused substitute teacher has not been released. The Jackson-Madison County School System said it does not comment specifically on personnel matters involving the district.