Sudha Murty warns parents against THIS toxic parenting habit! | #parenting

Addressing teachers, parents and children at an event organized by Mumbai’s Jamnabai Narsee School in 2017, Sudha Murty had warned parents against comparing kids, especially when it comes to exam results and scores.

“Most parents will have competition with their children. ‘What is your son’s score?’… I never ask that one – how much your son scored and how much my son scored and compare. Don’t do that. It is not good for you and worse for your child,” she said.

The Padma Shri recipient has been quite open about her views on positive parenting. She has often advised parents to not put too much focus on their children, rather give them space.

In an interview, she had said, “Don’t pester your child to excel at everything aka swimming, piano, elocution, cricket, art etc. Let them ponder, let them think, give them free time, let them blossom at their own pace. Lead by example, if you want them to read, switch off your TV or phone and sit down to read yourself. Kids learn much more by example than by sermon.”

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