Supporters Step Up For Middle Teacher Charged With Assaulting Students | #teacher | #children | #kids

Providence, Utah – A teacher and former student voiced their support for a Cache Valley Middle School teacher who was charged with child abuse and assault after a scuffle with students.

None of these people saw or defended what happened what happened but they wanted the community to know that Scott Meeker has done a lot of good during his career at Spring Creek Middle School.

“Yes, we’ve taught together for 14 years,” said Cindy Allen a teacher who worked with Meeker. “I’d like for them to know the real Scott Meeker, his kindness and goodness, and 22 years of teaching – he has done so much.”

Allen said Meeker helped her get started as a science teacher at the time and would give extra time to kids with special needs, who were often not his students.

“He just has a sense for when people need help,” Allen said.

Cache County Deputies said Meeker somehow lost his cool Wednesday as some kids slammed lockers loudly in a hallway which can be jarring for other kids.

Arresting documents said Meeker pushed a few kids out of the way, pushed another boy against a wall, and hit another student twice which caused some goose eggs.

Kyle Nielsen was one of Meeker’s students 20 years ago, “I’m not saying that what he did was right. You should never lay your hands on the kids as a teacher.”

He described Meeker as a quiet and soft-spoken teacher who often got a hard time from kids.

“I just think people need to open their eyes more and kind of see the other side of things. Mister Meeker has a family, a very good family,” Nielsen said.

It’s tough. Allegations like these don’t come out a lot for teachers but after seeing the booking photo online, the virtual pitchforks to follow, Allen said, “Let’s be patient and kind with each other.”

KSL caught up to Meeker at his home Friday. He declined to comment.

The school district placed Meeker on administrative leave and said appropriate measures will come once an investigation is complete.

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