Surgeon, City Officials Say Gun Violence is a Public Health Crisis | #schoolshooting

As a pediatric trauma surgeon at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Dr. Jonathan Groner routinely witnesses the gory, sometimes deadly effects of gun violence, though he wouldn’t use that term. Groner prefers to call it “firearm trauma” to neutralize a sensitive, politically divisive topic.

“‘Violence’ is automatically pejorative. People recoil at that,” Groner says. “‘Firearm trauma’ is a purposeful attempt to say this is a public health issue.”

Despite the terminology difference, Groner is on the same page as Columbus officials, who, in February of this year, declared gun violence a public health crisis. “We are seeing an increasing number of kids dying each year in our community from gun violence,” says Dr. Mysheika Roberts, Columbus health commissioner. “There are many of us in public health that feel like gun violence should be treated like other public health issues.”

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