Survey finds 40% of children in Dubai private school have been bullied


Around 40 per cent of students in Dubai private schools have been bullied, a survey featuring 500 students from three private schools in Dubai found.

Elena Andrioti, Psychology Associate at Carbone Clinic in Dubai who conducted the study, said the most frequent form of bullying among the respondents was cyber bullying.

During an event by Dubai Healthcare City, Elena said that parents should especially be worried about online bullying.

“Online bullying is dangerous because it an extension of traditional bullying that can be used by bullies 24 hours a day and has an infinite audience. Cyber bulling can also resurface and is conducted by penetrators who are hiding behind screen.”


When it comes to traditional bullying, Elena said it is very important to note that bullying often occurs on the bus where there is less supervision.

She reported that many students have reported that they were bullied on the school bus..


Is your child being bullied?

The expert said the red flags parents should look out for if they suspect there child is being bullied include: babyish behavior (example if your son is 10-years-old and is speaking in a baby voice), fighting more, not wanting to see friends outside school, decline in how the child see themselves and signs of physical altercations.

Elena said once the parent finds out that their child is being bullied, they should get information from the school and confront the child. She said parents should stress that they are there for their children whenever they might need them.

She said parents should seek help from a professional of the signs intensify.

Is your child a bully?

The red flags that parents should look out for if they suspect that their child is a bully includes: lose of temper easily, getting into fights at home, damaging property, needing to dominate others and showing little sympathy to others who are being bullied.

Elena said bullying can be related to trait anger, trait anxiety, family disputes and expectations to name a few.

She said psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety disorder and narcissistic disorder can cause the child to bully.

When parents find out that their child is a bully they should get information from the school, find the source of his anger and install sympathy role play methods.

Parents should seek help from a professional of the signs intensify.

Elena said parents, school, peers and having anti-bullying can help prevent bullying.