1. Sandra Kaiser

    Omg…people seriously? You believe that all teenagers from this video
    died? And their show pictures of them?? Really?? Okay i believe that
    someone diedt from that “game” and im really sorry for their parents but i
    really don’t believe that the pictures of children who died are real.. you
    really think that some adults or teenager would go to the hospital and take
    a picture or video of survives.. no i don’t think so.. no hates is just
    teenage girl opinion,don’t believe her because all teenagers are stupid.

  2. Buffy FanForever

    Are you stupid?? Now what happens if some kid sees your smartass comment
    and “plays the game” and gets seriously injured or dies then your going to
    feel like shit knowing that it was partially your fault. 1/3 dumbass not
    everyone dies your just lucky.

  3. ChiBulls1995

    shall we go into biology with you? your too young to understand but i will
    tell you s you do if you like

  4. zetogla

    seems like a stupid question – proooooooobably nobody knows – otherwise the
    news would be all over it.

  5. ChiBulls1995

    wtf? “did it wrong” ok let me go out take some heroin and I die? oh shit i
    must of took it wrong -_-

  6. bradgeertz

    Ok so this video makes no sense at all. There is no proof that any of those
    children received their injuries from it.

  7. OMGtotalstalker

    I did it with my friends, busted my chin on a bed stand and got 3
    stitches.. Still have the scar!

  8. Sondra Blust

    ok the choking game never heard of it until i saw it on u tube omg tht
    doesnt even make sense! oh ya lets go see how long i can choke u for! ummm
    i would be like srry busy living here and u already knew bout passing out
    game it kills brain cells and can kill u so ya

  9. MrSentond

    Is this some goverment video just to stop it. No way would some normal
    person do this in their spare time.

  10. UM KILLA Eazy -E

    Why the fuck would you WANT to choke ? I fucking panic like shit and ry to
    cough it out when i get somthing stuck in my throat such as cheese. WTF?

  11. jesse Summers

    It gives you a kind of high feeling, me saying this although I’ve never
    taken drugs. when you wake up it dosent feel like it’s you, it feels like
    your watching a movie.