Suspect arrested for killing seminary teacher for ‘honour’ | #teacher | #children | #kids

NOWSHERA: The police on Thursday arrested a suspect for his alleged involvement in the murder of a seminary teacher for “honour” at the Akora Khattak town of the Nowshera district, officials said.

Mufti Ghulam Hussain, a teacher and Naib Mohtamim (deputy administrator) of a famous seminary of Akora Khattak, was shot dead by an unidentified killer late Wednesday night.

Hizbullah, a friend of the slain ceric, had got registered a first information report of the murder with the Akora Khattak Police Station against unidentified accused. It was learned that the slain cleric hailed from the Battagram district of KP. He was married and was living at Akora Khattak at present. The police launched an investigation into the case which led to the arrest of the accused, Naushad, a resident of the area.

The police claimed the accused during a preliminary probe confessed murdering the seminary teacher in the name of honour. The investigators said the accused believed that the seminary teacher had illicit relations with his 20 years old daughter (S). The accused said he had caught read-handed the slain cleric with his daughter in the basement of his house, who, he alleged, were in an objectionable condition.

The police quoted the accused as saying that he was enraged at the scene and opened fire on the cleric, who received three bullets and fled the house in an injured condition and later died. The investigators claimed that the girl, who was allegedly the cause of the murder, too, admitted being in relationship with the slain seminary teacher and having met him multiple times at various places. The suspected killer and his daughter were produced before the Civil Judge-Cum-Judicial Magistrate Sabir Ali Shah. But the suspect changed his earlier statement in the court and denied having committed the crime.

The judge sent the girl to Darul Aman in Mardan as there was a threat to her life from her own family.

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