Suspect Arrested In OKC Attempted Kidnapping Of Toddler Has Long Criminal History | #childabductors

A woman who police say tried to kidnap a 2-year-old at Devon Ice Rink Sunday afternoon has a long criminal history. 

Sheri Maldonado, 28,  has been charged with kidnapping, accused of trying to grab the toddler at the Devon Ice Rink.  It’s the latest in a long line of charges she’s faced over the years, many of them involving the possession or use of meth. 

Kalissa Stump has been friends with Maldonado for the better part of 25-years.  She said as a child Maldonado seemed fine.

“No. She was very well adjusted. Very sweet. Kind. Just a really fun person to be around,” Stump said.

As they grew older Stump said she and Maldonado became close.

“Growing up she was always the type that was there if you needed her. She was the shoulder to cry on, always. She was younger than me but kind of seemed like the big sister of the group. She was always there for anybody,” Stump said. “If she knew we were upset she would bring us candy or toys or stuff and she was always at our house, summer after summer, me, her and our friend Holly would just spend hours roaming the neighborhoods. Just hanging out.”

But Stump said Maldonado had her demons too.

“I know she has had some rough relationships and maybe not the best decisions,” Stump said. “I know that she had some mental health issues that she didn’t get resolved.”

Stump said her friend doesn’t need prison time; she needs help.

“I’d love to see her get treatment.” Stump said. “She’s a very good person deep down at least.”

Maldonado is being held on a $75,000 bond. 

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