Sutapa Sikdar on Daughter’s Day | #parenting

Irrfan Khan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar has been sharing beautiful anecdotes of the late actor on her social media pages. She leaves no stone unturned in talking about the amazing time they spent together and the love they all had for him. On the occasion of Daughter’s Day, which is held on September 27, Sutapa shared an interesting fact about Irrfan and her wanting a girl child. For the uninitiated, they are blessed with two sons – Babil and Ayaan. 
Sutapa penned on her Facebook page, “I and Irrfan wanted to have a daughter so desperately that on my second delivery my doctor could not utter the word son and said instead “congratulations!! healthy child!!”. I was disappointed yes I was. That day for us and today I feel sad that a girl child got deprived of Irrfan’s parenting of a girl. Because just giving freedom is not enough for a girl child.”
She further wrote, “Whatever is happening around makes me say freedom is not about only being vocal it’s not about trodding on other’s freedom only. Let’s get up beyond being voyeuristic beyond the so-called emancipation and do something more concrete meaning full for India… There is subtitle but those who are not aware of my mother tongue might not enjoy as much. But here is to Sahana Bajpai cheers and keep shinning.”
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Me and irrfan wanted to have a daughter so desperately that on my second delivery my doc could not utter the word son…
Posted by Sutapa Sikdar on Sunday, 27 September 2020

Meanwhile, Irrfan’s son Babil returned to London after being her with his family for several months post the demise of the actor.

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