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The teacher and former beauty Queen Ramsey Beers sentenced to two years in prison for corruption of a 14-year-old student and promoting an obscene sexual nature.

Married Beers, who worked at one of the schools of West Virginia, sent your boy a selfie in the Nude, and sent text messages with sexual overtones. This went on for several months — as long as the correspondence is not found the parents of the student. In December 2018, the woman was arrested.

29-year-old Ramsey admitted his guilt and promised that such will never happen again. However, as writes the newspaper The Mirror, the judge found that she showed little remorse. She also abused the trust that was her teacher. Therefore, imprisonment is quite adequate punishment.

The lawyer of the defendant has stressed that his client never joined the boy in physical contact. And that she’s been punished enough, having lost his beloved life and being included in the list of persons who have committed crimes of a sexual nature.

In 2014, Ramsey carpenter, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, won the title “Miss Kentucky”, which allowed her to take part in the national beauty contest “Miss USA” in 2015 year. There she entered dvenadtsaty best, featuring low cut the judges with his violin. In an interview she said she always dreamed of becoming a teacher. In 2016 Ramsey changed her last name after she married Charles Beers.

Учительница и экс-финалистка «Мисс США» сядет в тюрьму за развращение 14-летнего ученика (фото)

Учительница и экс-финалистка «Мисс США» сядет в тюрьму за развращение 14-летнего ученика (фото)

Archive photo of police West Virginia

Earlier, the “FACTS” wrote that he died of the infamous teacher Mary Kay LeTourneau, who seduced 12-year-old student and married him.

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