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Legal Options for Sexual Abuse Victims at a High School

Attorney contributor Aaron Blank has experience in helping victims of sexual abuse in a school find justice through civil lawsuits. Below Aaron provided us a few comments on what options victims have to file a lawsuit against the school or school district.

“Sexual predators often prefer to be in positions of power and trust and usually seek occupations that put them in this position. Predators will often apply for jobs as teachers because they carry both of these characteristics. Jobs like being a teacher allow predators to get close to children without being too conspicuous to others.”

Aaron continued, “Schools carry an obligation to provide a safe learning environment for students. This involves setting up safeguards to defend students against sexual predators for the reasons I talked about earlier. These measures can include conducting background checks, investigating any reports of inappropriate behavior, and monitoring teachers. If a sexual assault occurs and the school may have been able to stop it, then the school may be held liable for negligence and a lawsuit may be filed. For example, if a school witnesses a teacher acting inappropriately on security cameras and decides not to address the incident. In these situations, the family of the victim may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the school or school district.

Huntingtown High School in Calvert County, Maryland




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