#teacher | Don’t Cringe! Teacher Transform Students Into Fire Injury Victims With Makeup | News

Talk about going beyond the call of duty!A school teacher in Negeri Sembilan doubled up as a special effects make up artist and produced some amazing results for a fire drill.

Malay Mail, quoting an interview with Hafizah Abdul Rani Shafi, reported that the teacher from Sekolah Kebangsaan Batu Kikir Negri Sembilan only had 30 minutes to transform students into fire victims.

With her quick thinking, she initially turned to YouTube tutorials for inspiration but was turned off by the lengthy time that it took for a complete transformation.

Hafizah later resorted to a method that reduced the time in half.

“So I thought of a different method by taking toilet paper and glue from the school to do it on plastic sheets.

This brings back 'Art Attack' memories.

“Then I let the sheets dry overnight and applied them onto the face and hands of the students on the drill day.

“I always enjoyed craft and coincidentally was appointed to be the head of make-up committee for the fire drill.

Don't worry, this is not real.

“The initial plan was to just do the usual gimmicks, but when I came across some videos on YouTube, I thought of coming up with something different to make it more fun,” she said.

The end result was nothing short of amazing as it looked exactly like a fire injury!

Can you believe that Hafizah had no basic knowledge in art prior to this? We can’t.

It looks so real.

Kudos to the teacher and her creative skills. Must be fun being her students!

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