#teacher | Elementary school PE teacher in Bali’s Badung regency arrested for allegedly raping 2 students

A PE teacher at an elementary school in Badung regency was arrested for alleged rape of at least two of his students this week. Police were alerted to the case after one of the victims attempted suicide on Monday. 

“He has committed this crime against two victims several times; one was raped nine times, while the other [was raped] 10 times,” Laurens Rajamangapul, who heads the crimes unit at the Badung Police, told reporters yesterday.

Authorities said that the suspect, who is identified by his initials AA in local media reports, confessed to have begun his crimes in 2018, and even stalked one of his victims who had moved on to junior high school. The 50-year-old would either threaten them with bad grades to keep quiet, or promise them money or gifts to buy their silence. 

“One of the victims became traumatized and hopeless and wanted to end her life,” Laurens said, referring to the victim who attempted to slice her wrists with a cutter on Monday. 

Thankfully, a teacher spotted her just in time and was able to stop her. The victim then told the teacher that her elementary school teacher kept pestering her, and it was then revealed that she had been raped. According to reports, her parents filed a police report soon after, leading to AA’s arrest.  

Under Indonesia’s Child Protection Law, AA could face a maximum 15-year sentence.

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