#teacher | Local radio presenter Bongani Mtolo keeps high school students motivated

Bongani Mtolo (Photo:DRUM)

East Coast Radio’s Afternoon Drive presenter, Bongani Mtolo
who left his everyday job to pursue his passion started an initiative where he
helps high school and varsity kids to meet local celebs/ successful people they
look up to.

Bongani left his career as a successful car salesman and he
is now one of the most popular host of the drive shows in Mzansi and is he is
the true testament of the saying you are never to old to chase your dreams.

“I left my job because I was more passionate about radio
and when I left Like many other people, I was scared and thought what if it
doesn’t work.

The 29-year-old started the initiative because he felt that
some children from the rural areas don’t dream big enough to be whatever they
want to become, they are always limited into thinking that being a teacher,
nurse and a lawyer is all that there is.“I began this organisation with the vision of wanting to
inspire. Whenever I’d go to the rural I’d meet some of the smartest kids and find
out that most of them have never met a successful person or all they want to be
is being a teacher or a nurse- so what I do is invite influential people to
motivate the learners both high school and varsity students”.

Mtolo told DRUM that this programme is not funded.

“This programme is funded by myself because a lot of the
time when you are funded by brands, they tend not to communicate your programme
the way you want them to or they tend to taint the image that you have for your
brand so for now, I fund it”.

“I want my story to inspire someone, and my long-term goal
for the programme is have high school tours and just inspire everyone. My wife
is the backbone of what I do, I love her so much and I’d like to thank her for
the support.

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