Teacher Makes Kids Spy on Their Parents for ‘Extra Credit’

pohzt6b9wcA teacher is getting tons of flack for giving his sophomore students the most bizarre (and mortifying!) extra credit assignment ever: Rifle through your parents’ bedside tables and snap a selfie with your parent’s sex toys and condoms.

The teacher, at Encinal High School, claims the assignment was a joke. Nonetheless, at least one student took him seriously and procured the necessary pic — which the teacher then allegedly showed to the class as an example of what they should do, too.

After parents heard about the assignment, they were understandably outraged; some wanted the teacher fired. And I can see why! Even if the teacher meant it as a joke, that’s not even the kind of joke a teacher should make. Because kids, being kids, are impressionable and curious and by power of suggestion, they’ll probably start rifling through the bedside table … and the thought of my daughter finding my sex toy is just plain mortifying.

It also raises the question of whether teachers should be encouraging their students to nose around in their parents’ lives in general. Should that be allowed at all, and if so where should we draw the line?

I, for one, think it’s okay for teachers to encourage kids to “pry” in the sense that it’s fine to encourage kids to ask their parents questions. Because at least then, parents can decide for themselves how much to reveal — whether it be about their sex lives, their favorite sex toys or condoms or otherwise.

But I think it’s wrong for teachers to encourage kids to pry without the parent’s awareness or consent — i.e., listening in on phone calls, definitely not pawing around bedside tables. Because parents deserve some privacy, even from their own kids — and definitely from their teacher when it comes to their sex toys!

Source: The Stir