#teacher | Merton Park girls hold bake sale for teacher who ‘lost everything’ in Worcester Park fire

When a group of students from Merton Park Primary School heard that a teacher of theirs lost her flat in the Worcester Park block fire, they took it upon themselves to help.

Although there were no reported injuries during the September 9 blaze in Sherbrooke Way, the 20 flats of the development were destroyed.

Chloe Cutmore, Lexi Waight, Charlotte Waight and their parents decided to hold a bake sale last month in an effort to raise some money for their teacher.

“We decided to do the bake sale because what happened was so sad and we really wanted to help,” Chloe said.

“We were super happy to see that she was really grateful and we are really happy we could help.”

Lexi added that after hearing about the fire they were desperate to help out.

“All three of us love baking so thought it was a great idea,” she said.

“We are very happy our teacher’s family are ok.”

The girls set up shop in their Dorset Road driveway and managed to raise just over £400.

“It was fun and a good way to make money,” Charlotte added.

“We are so proud of ourselves.”

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