#teacher | Murphysboro CUSD 186 and Carbondale Elementary Dist. 95 Still Trying to Head off Teacher Strikes

A meeting with the federal mediator Thursday night did not produce an agreement in the contract talks between the Murphysboro Board of Education and the teacher’s union.

On its Facebook page, the school administration said it made a new offer in an effort to avoid a potential teacher’s strike.

The Board said it proposed a three-year collective bargaining framework, to cover the current school year through the 2021-22 school year. It included salary increases for all three years, ensuring all teachers in the District will receive an equal salary increase each year.

Superintendent Chris Grode said the details of the offer are not being released at this time so the union can review and consider it.

The teacher’s union has filed an intent to strike, which could be initiated as early as next week.

Contract talks continue in the Carbondale Elementary School district as well.

The Carbondale Education Association has filed an intent to strike allowing the teachers to walk out as soon as October 4th.

The CEA represents 136 teachers, social workers and other licensed professionals in the district, which is comprised of Parrish, Thomas and Lewis elementary schools, as well as Carbondale Middle School.


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