#teacher | Primedia pledges R100,000 towards refurbishment of Sandown High School

Situated in the heart of Sandton, Sandown High School is in dire need of financial resources or could face closure.

702Breakfast’s Bongani Bingwa broadcasting live from the school’s premises chats to the school principal Makasane Mzamani, School Governing Body chairperson Tsepo Makubire and Primedia Outdoor CEO Dave Roberts.

Mzamani says the school is experiencing challenges financially and its infrastructure needs to be improved.

As much as learning is happening in the classroom, we need more than a piece of chalk and textbooks for the teacher to teach effectively.
Makasane Mzamani, Principal – Sandown High School

He says even though the school has a library, it needs to be modernised.

We are knocking on doors to get assistance and we are saying that we can take the school to a higher level.
Makasane Mzamani, Principal – Sandown High School


He says when people look at the school, they assume that it is plush and well-resourced however, that is not the case.

Makubire says when he enrolled his children to the school he thought that because it is in an affluent area, it would be fully resourced, but it wasn’t.

We then discovered that the school is sitting on 60% exemption, which means that those pupils don’t pay school fees. Running a school is very expensive.
Tsepo Makubire, Chairperson – Sandown High School SGB

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Roberts says Primedia Outdoor has had a relationship with the school for the past 20 years.

The school is on the richest square mile of Africa however, it is in a bad shape and it is our responsibility to help them. On behalf of Primedia as a whole, we are pledging R100,000 to start the process in bringing the school into shape.
Dave Roberts, CEO – Primedia Outdoor

Listen below to the full conversation:

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