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— A week ago, Angela Nunn was beside herself. On Monday, she was jumping for joy.

Her change in attitude is attributable to a man she’s never met: Aaron Rich.

Rich, director of operations at Premier Electrical Staffing, had been hospitalized with blood clots, and he said he felt lucky when he got to go home.

“It was about 2 o’clock in the morning,” he said. “I felt like putting some good karma out there, and I saw this story that a lady got scammed.”

While scrolling through Facebook, he happened upon Nunn’s story, which WRAL Durham reporter Sarah Krueger reported last Monday.

Nunn found a rental home in July on the Avail website and reached out to the agent who listed the property.

She got a text message from someone claiming to be the landlord. All of the communication with the agent seemed normal, she said, and he even provided the correct code to take a look inside the house on Stadium Drive.

She signed a lease and transferred $1,135 into his bank account to secure the property, only to learn that the listing was fraudulent.

Nunn, a single mother who is fighting breast cancer, lost the money she wired to the scammer.

“I’m a good person,” she said last week. “I think my anxiousness, my wanting to move, he saw that I was a really easy victim, and that’s what’s so sad.”

When Rich saw the story, he said, he felt compelled to help her out.

“I just felt like, hey, maybe I can help out a little bit. So I reached out to the reporter and said, if there’s anything I can do, let me know,” he said.

He said he also was bothered by the unkind comments about Nunn posted on Facebook.

“There were people saying she was naive and should have done a little more due diligence,” he said.

Over the weekend, Rich emailed Nunn.

“His words exactly were that he wanted to help make me whole again,” she said Monday. “I cried. I was jumping and shouting and screaming. My kids thought I was crazy. I could not believe that this stranger wanted to do something wonderful.”

Rich used PayPal to send $1,135 to Nunn.

“He actually restored my faith in humanity,” she said. “That’s what happens when you go through bad situations like this: God can send you guardian angels.”

Rich tried to brush off any thanks for his actions.

“I come from a family that’s always taught me to help people and be generous when you can,” he said. “I thought maybe this could spark somebody else to do something good for somebody else.”

Nunn was among at least six victims of the rental house scam, police said, adding that no charges have been filed in the case.

She said her current landlord has given her a six-month extension to her lease, and she’s now working with licensed real estate agents to help her find another home.

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