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        by <span class="article-author">Carter Woodiel</span>


    <p>SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO.com) -- A Washington High School teacher is in jail after authorities say he engaged in sexual contact with a student.   

Daylan Scott Fargo, 28, an assistant choir director, faces charges of sexual contact with a child under 16, sexual exploitation of a minor, and solicitation of a minor. He was arrested in Hall County, Nebraska on Monday night and remains in jail on a $100,000 cash bond.   

Fargo told officers from the Sioux Falls Police Department he exchanged sexually explicit photos and videos with the victim, who was a freshman in high school at the time, according to an affidavit.  

In a petition for a protection order against Fargo, the victim’s father said Fargo “began grooming my son his freshman year,” and continued for over two years.   

The petition also alleges Fargo “touched my son’s genitals, kissed him” and had “driven by our home and taken pictures of my son’s car and then texting it to my son saying he knows he is home.”   The protection order was granted January 31. Fargo was arrested three nights later.   

Police documents say Fargo and the victim began exchanging photos and videos that school year. At one point authorities say Fargo gave the victim a tablet containing explicit photos of Fargo, which the victim deleted.  

Police don’t believe there are any other victims in the case, but Officer Sam Clemens said “there’s always a chance” and that the investigation remains open. 

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