#teacher | Student’s Drawing Made Teacher Think He Had Depression, But His Explanation Makes Her Laugh

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A photo of a child’s drawing went viral on social media when it turned out to be a completely different depiction of what a teacher thought it was.

The drawing seems to illustrate what looks like four people being hung by their necks from ropes.

According to the drawing, the four people in the drawing corresponded to four members of the student’s family.

Worried that the student was suffering from depression, the teacher called the student up to ask him personally about the drawing.

Source: Facebook

The student then gave an answer that made the teacher laugh.

The student said that their family had just gone snorkeling the previous week, which was what he intended to illustrate in his drawing. 

Now, looking more carefully at the drawing, you can kind of make out that the ‘ropes’ are actually breathing tubes with tiny bubbles rising from it.

Source: Facebook

Netizens were quick to respond, and their comments are really interesting. One netizen said that she showed the photo to her seven-year-old son.

“I asked my seven- year-old son : “What are they doing in this photo?” He looked at it and said, “They are in the water, and then the mouth is filled with pipes that help to breathe.” It turns out that children can really understand the paintings of children,” she commented.

Another netizen commented that her five-year-old child said it was people swimming in the sea, while her seven-year-old child said that it was people hanging themselves.

“Five-year-old child answered people riding a balloon, eight-year-old child answer snorkeling, three-year-old child says flowers on their head,” another netizen said.

Well, it seems to me that little kids’ minds are so pure that they interpret this drawing in such innocent ways even though it really looks like people hanging from ropes. What did you think it was?


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