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A STUNNED mum tipped out a 5in bran flake as big as a cereal bowl.

Ange Parker, 38, reckons the breakfast monster is 12 times larger than normal.


A Aldi shopper was left stunned after finding a massive 5-inch bran flake the size of a cereal bowlCredit: Deadline News
 The flake stretches a whopping five inches3

The flake stretches a whopping five inches

The teacher’s kids Oscar and India were thrilled at the supersized find — in an 83p box of Harvest Morn Bran Flakes.

Ange, who had bought it from Aldi, posted a pic of daughter India, eight, holding two to compare.

The retailer replied: “That’s one mega bran flake you found there. We’re sorry to see this, and we’ll pass your feedback on to our colleagues here.”

But Ange, of Worcester, said: “My two kids were ridiculously excited to find such a giant bran flake.

“They put 12 normal bran flakes on top.

“There’s so much horrid news. You can’t beat a giant bran flake to brighten things up!”

In 2017 Steven Marriott, of West Bridgford, Notts, claimed to have found the world’s biggest bran flake at 5½ inches.

But last year Oliver Broadfield, eight, of Huddersfield, found one closer to 8in.


BRAN Flakes are not the only food to go large — or extra small.

Sean Stewart, 22, of North Lanarks, found a triple-sized Frazzle in his packet in August.

London student Hinay Lad, 22, below, thought a bit of ceiling fell off when he saw a 6in Crunchy Nut Cornflake in his cereal bowl last year.

Earlier this month nursery school teacher Mairead Lees was astonished to find a 7cm Hula Hoop in her packet of the snacks.

But Steve Smith, 41, of Bristol, opened a tin of beans in September — and found just one in it.

 Mum Ange bought the flake from Aldi


Mum Ange bought the flake from AldiCredit: Deadline News
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