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ALLENTOWN, Pa. — Since Governor Wolf pulled teachers into phase 1-A, efforts are ramping up to get them protected and back in the classroom. He had a first-hand look at how it was unfolding in Berks County two weeks ago.

“We all know that despite the heroic efforts of teachers, the heroic efforts of families, many of our students have suffered learning losses and a learning gap because of this pandemic. It’s just the way it is,” said Wolf.

Thousands of doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccines have made it into arms. With time left in the school year to bring students back, it’s the goal for many districts who have already made that move. Allentown School District Elementary school are following suit.

“As we prepare for, at the end of this month, to transition back into in-person learning, it gives us the opportunity to value all of our teachers and assure they have access,” said Thomas Parker, the Superintendent for Allentown School District.

Dieruff High School was the site of a mass vaccination clinic Sunday. They had the capacity to register 1,300 educators across the Lehigh Valley to come and get a Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“Today, we are serving teachers from IU 19, 20 and 21 so really, the greater Lehigh Valley and a pretty large geographical radius,” said Michael Makhoul, Principal of Dieruff High School.

Allentown School District Administrators say they plan to be fully back to normal in the fall. Though, numbers over the summer will dictate that decision. Still, faculty and staff are grateful to have access to the shot.

“Relieved. I really didn’t think I’d be getting a vaccine so soon. I thought it would be a lot longer until I would qualify for a vaccine so I feel really good and confident,” said Allegra Billy, an Attendance Secretary for the district.

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