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More than a hundred teachers, parents and community members took to Carson Street in Carson City on Wednesday to protest proposed budget cuts to education.

The special session of the Nevada State Legislature began today as the state deals with significant budget cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently there is a funding deficit of $1.2 billion for the Silver State, and lawmakers will decide over the coming days where to cut spending.

A letter written by education associations, parents and other concerned parties was sent to the Legislature protesting proposed education budget cuts.

The letter is as follows:

Dear Governor Sisolak, Leader Cannizzaro, Speaker Frierson, Leader Settelmeyer and Leader Titus:

K-12 education is the key to a robust and sustainable future for Nevada. It is also the key to a successful workforce development and to true economic diversification. 

Nevada has endured a chronic lack of sufficient K-12 education funding for many years, as well as a lack of commitment to ensuring stable, sufficient, and sustainable revenue to meet the needs of Nevada’s students. 

Now is the most critical time to invest in our future, our children. Utah, Indiana, Florida, and California have not only avoided K-12 education budget cuts during this current crisis but have actually increased funding, acknowledging that our children and schools need more at this time, not less. These states know that ANY cuts to education will further exacerbate the challenges students and educators are facing. 

Each of you has said that education is your priority, and a reflection of the will of your constituents. We respectfully ask our state leadership to work together in keeping all education dollars in place, and to take the bold action of committing to rebuild our state with sufficient revenues to meet the needs of our citizenry. 


CCSD Parents, Charter School Association of Nevada, Clark County Education Association, HOPE for Nevada, Nevada Parent Teacher Association, Nevada School Choice Coalition, Power2Parent, Rise Up Nevada Education. Cc: Nevada Senate and Assembly

It is unknown how long the special session will last. Carson Now will update as information becomes available regarding cuts.

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