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If you thought only students miss going to school, you haven’t met these teachers then. From innocent conversations to moving around in the school building, these educators reveal why they can’t wait to return to school
By Anushree Vijaya Harshan

Anand Niketan Shilaj

English and Social Studies educator

WHAT I MISS: Moving around in the school complex
Besides meeting students and colleagues in person, I miss changing classrooms after each period. I feel it kept me alert and on my toes, even healthy. Now, we are just sitting in one place working. I also miss the school infrastructure. Earlier, there was a designated person to handle everything, now we take on multiple roles — be it writing or the IT part. I was sceptical about online learning, but now we are used to it. It is not restricted to only teaching now, you need to check if everyone’s paying attention or not, etc.

Shanti Asiatic School

Science teacher and co-scholastic coordinator


WHAT I MISS: The personal touch and connection

Just like any other thing, virtual learning has its set of pros and cons. The personal touch and connection with students is definitely something that I miss. Besides, monitoring students has become tricky as now you need to scroll through the video conferencing app to keep an eye on each of them. Certain older students also take advantage of this. But being a science teacher, what concerned me most was how to give demonstrations online. But the kids came up with such innovative ideas, they sent across videos and presentations without being asked for, which was surprising. They have become more active now.

Ahmedabad International School

Homeroom teacher



WHAT I MISS: Meeting students and teacher friends

Imiss my students and fellow teachers every single day. Though we see each other during online classes and meetings, physical presence makes a huge difference. Luckily, both teachers and parents were given enough time for preparation by the school before the classes began. No one was used to technology so much in the past. Our screen time has increased. Things become even more difficult with younger children (I teach Class 1 students), we need to introduce new things like physical activities to make sure they pay attention. But now, even they have adapted to the new normal.

Zydus School for Excellence, Godhavi


Cultural coordinator and Biology educator



WHAT I MISS: Having my students around

As the cultural coordinator, I was involved in events of the school, besides the morning assembly where 1200-1500 students got together. I miss the ambience and having kids around. Going online was a challenge the first few months. But we had a foolproof plan within a week of school’s closure. Now, we have become tech-savvy and even corrected papers online. The teachers keep sharing knowledge with each other. Now, I feel this is a better way of teaching.

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