TEACHER’S VIEW: Fears for kids of same-sex marriage

I WRITE with regard to marriage equality – same-sex marriage. The impact this will have concerns me as a teacher of many years, assisting parents to nurture and develop children. I have seen the effect of our last social experiment – free love (or “free lust” as it became) and easy access to divorce.

This has led to many children (sometimes over half in a class) that do not have two biological parents at home contributing to their development.

Hence, there are many modern children with psychological problems and I believe this contributes to our horrendous suicide rate.

A few decades ago, homosexuals and lesbians were given freedom before the law. Now they demand equality in the most intimate, special and fundamental building block that binds society and develops the future generation – marriage and family.

I am concerned that there will be children in my class who have only ever had two fathers or two mothers. Psychology tells us the best and healthiest upbringing for children is to have a parent of each gender to model gender-appropriate behaviour and assist the child to adopt a positive social identity.

I fear for the child who has never known a mother, for example. They are so essential to most of our development and memories. Most of those who have chosen a “gay” lifestyle would have had the benefit of being brought up by a mother.

How fair is it to deny that fundamental right to their children? Once again, the children are the ones who will suffer from this social experiment.

In the USA, a New Orleans’ court has recently considered briefings of four adult children of homosexual parents arguing that government-sanctioned homosexual unions could lead to disaster for thousands of kids.

One of these plaintiffs, Katy Faust

(http://australianmarriage.org/quartet-of-truth-adult-kids-of-gay-parents-speak-out/) said: “When we institutionalise same-sex marriage… we move from permitting citizens the freedom to live as they choose, to promoting same-sex headed households. Now we are normalising a family structure where a child will always be deprived daily of one gender influence and the relationship with at least one natural parent. Our cultural narrative becomes one that, in essence, tells children that they have no right to the natural family structure or their biological parents, but that children simply exist for the satisfaction of adult desires.”

Source: http://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/fears-for-kids-of-same-sex-marriage/2756271/