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Tecumseh, MI – Another procedural miss-step by the Tecumseh Public Schools Board of Education has led to yet another vacancy.

On Monday, the Tecumseh Public Schools Board of Education confirmed the seat held by Rebecca Brooks has been vacated. Brooks, who was the Secretary, is no longer a member of the school board.

In a statement released Monday night by Superintendent Rick Hilderley, Brooks’ seat was vacated after it was determined she did not take the Oath of Office at the January organizational meeting. However, at the time, she was advised that she did not have to retake the Oath of Office because of her status as an incumbent.

TPS Superintendent Rick Hilderley has requested the Lenawee Intermediate School District to fill the vacant seat. Hilderley recently learned of this new information regarding Secretary Brooks’ seat.

Here is his statement:

On Friday, April 2, I was notified that the Board seat held by Rebecca Brooks may actually be vacant due to the fact that she did not take the oath of office at the January organizational meeting and that she did not have a certificate of acceptance (from the November election) on file with the Lenawee County Clerk.

Following a conversation with the Board President and our attorney, I asked the attorney to provide a written opinion in the matter and advise the district of our next steps. On Wednesday, April 7 the Board was provided a letter stating:

“The office of a school board member becomes vacant immediately, regardless of declaration by an officer or acceptance by the school board or 1 or more of its members, upon any of the following events: The school board member’s neglect or  failure to file the acceptance of office, to take the oath of office, or to give or renew an official bond required by law.”

It was the recommendation of our attorney that the District should contact the Lenawee ISD to discuss making an appointment to fill the board seat vacated by Ms. Brooks. I immediately made that request to the LISD verbally on April 7 and again in writing today.

Also, I had a conversation with the LISD Superintendent, Mark Haag and he stated that the LISD Board will want to allow the same amount of time for applications to be turned in as was allowed for the Kevin Johnson seat. Therefore, the ISD Board will not fill the Brooks seat on the same night (April 22) that they appoint a member to the Johnson seat. A timeline for the Brooks vacancy has not been established but a press release will be coming soon.

I would like to clearly state that Mrs. Brooks was advised in January that she did not need to retake the Oath of Office due to her status as an incumbent. I sincerely hope the LISD Board will consider this information and uphold the November election results by awarding the seat back to Rebecca Brooks.


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