Teen arrested after threat found in restroom at Dover High School

A Dover teenager is facing charges for he made a bomb threat at Dover High School on Monday.

The incident that led to the teen’s arrest was one of four separate bomb threats at Dover schools during a 48-hour period found written in bathrooms in the middle school and high school.

Police said the threats are becoming a strain on resources not only for them but also the fire department and the schools.

“It happened twice today, so we were informed,” parent Ileana Hoeing said. She was among many parents frustrated by the multiple threats.

“It’s terrible,” Denise Bessette said. “I mean, we didn’t grow up with that, and it’s sad that the kids have to go through that today.”

Police believe the student who was arrested is responsible for the second bomb threat, written on a boys’ bathroom stall at the high school on Monday.

“That threat also had a threat directed at another student within the high school,” Dover police Sgt. Scott Pettingill said.

Earlier that day, the school was evacuated for a general bomb threat also written in a boys’ bathroom. The students were sent to the middle school as police swept the building.

“(That) disrupts not only the high school’s daily activities, but then the middle school’s activities and then, subsequently today, same thing only in the reverse,” Pettingill said.

On Tuesday, two separate bomb threats were discovered written in girls’ bathrooms at the middle school.

“The first concern is our children’s safety, but certainly there’s a lot of wasted time,” Hoenig said.

“If it’s just a prank, you know, kids are kids, but if it’s real and they really want to hurt someone, that’s so sad,” Bessette said.

Police do not believe the student who was arrested is involved in the other threats, but authorities want other students to understand the serious charges they could face.

“It could end up in a juvenile petition; they could end up in juvenile court; they could be ordered to do a number of different things, from community service to potentially paying fines,” Pettingill said.

The teen who was arrested could face disciplinary action from the school. The other three threats remain under investigation.

Anyone with information about either incident is asked to call Pettingill at 603-742-4646. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call the Dover Crimeline at 603-749-6000 or leave a tip at www.dovernhcrimeline.org.