Teen fight club: Disabled man kicked in head metres from Dunedin police station | #socialmedia | #children

Dunedin's CBD bus hub on Great King St is a popular meeting place for teens.
Hamish McNeilly/Stuff

Dunedin’s CBD bus hub on Great King St is a popular meeting place for teens.

Dunedin’s new bus hub has become a hotspot for troublemaking high school students, leading to assaults, arrests and growing concerns over CCTV not being used.

The safety of the Great King St bus hub, which was officially opened two years ago, is under scrutiny as a video obtained by Stuff shows a disabled man being teased and then attacked by a group of teens in the area.

‘’We own bus hub,’’ one of the group of girls tells the man before the unprovoked attack.

A girl can be seen walking to the man and kicking him in his head, before turning her back and swearing.

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That assault, which is understood to have occurred earlier this year, happened near the Dunedin Central police station.

Police confirmed they had stepped up foot patrols in the area.

They also confirmed several members of the group, which has terrorised parts of the CBD in recent months, have been arrested.

Other agencies and schools have also been involved.

Police on foot patrols down Dunedin's George St. (File photo)
Hamish McNeilly/Stuff

Police on foot patrols down Dunedin’s George St. (File photo)

The video is one of 10 clips supplied to Stuff involving the group, including one inside a Dunedin high school. Stuff has chosen not to show the footage.

Those videos include several of girls being assaulted by members of the group, and another of a teen trying to flee after she was stomped on in a city mall in broad daylight.

One of the victim’s mother said her daughter ‘’feels like she is in lock down’’ after the assault.

The terrified girl can be seen running across a busy intersection as her pursuers continued the chase, loudly supported by other members.

It has also emerged the group filmed themselves pushing over elderly shoppers, and teasing those with disabilities in what they dubbed ‘’a bundy hunt’’.

Some of those incidents were filmed and later uploaded and shared via social media sites.

One of the clips shows the teens drinking alcohol and talking about their “prospects”, while another shows a group of girls filming themselves and making gestures in front of the Great King St police station.

The Dunedin City Council-owned car park on Great King St has been a magnet for youths.

Hamish McNeilly/Stuff

The Dunedin City Council-owned car park on Great King St has been a magnet for youths.

The group were also known to hang out in the Dunedin City Council (DCC) owned car park on Great King St, and one of the supplied clips show a youth being kicked to the ground as others drank and looked on.

The council confirmed it had increased security patrols in the area.

The supplied videos come as pressure mounts on both the Otago Regional Council (ORC) and the DCC to sort out differences over supplying CCTV footage to police from the bus hub.

While the bus hub was officially opened after lengthy delays and budget blow-out two years ago, the cameras have remained offline.

ORC transport manager Garry Maloney told Stuff the hold up involved a technical review of the current status of the cameras.

‘’We aim to have the transfer complete in the next month so that the system can be made operable.’’

In turn, that would involve police having access to monitor the feed.

Maloney said it was not the role of either councils to supervise the area, but the location was favoured due partially due to its proximity to the police station.

Buses were also equipped with security cameras, and those were working, he said.

“The Hub belongs to everyone in Dunedin and we ask that people use the area respectfully.’’

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