Teen Heroes Save 90-Year-Old Neighbor from Fire

Four teens in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, are being praised for their courage and quick thinking after they rushed into a burning home to save a 90-year-old woman. The friends—Wyatt Hall, Nick Byrd, Seth Byrd, and Dylan Wick—were hanging out when they noticed smoke coming from the house across the street. Without hesitating, two of them called 911 and went to get help, while the other two forced their way into the house. Fourteen-year-old Nick found the woman inside and carried her to safety. The woman’s daughter thanked them for their selflessness, saying: “Young men who risked their own lives, their own safety, perhaps their good standing with their parents who might have chosen for them to do otherwise … Thank you for being the kind of young men who thought about another person above yourselves.”

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