Teen reportedly forced to swear ‘I’m not pregnant’ on Bible at school

Not only does this violate the separation of church and state — according to local ABC affiliate WXIA, “under Federal Title 7, this could fall under sex discrimination in education when it comes to pregnancy.”

Chasity Norwood was looking forward to serving her fourth year in the Student Government Association (SGA), but one teacher halted this excitement with her controversial actions.

When Chasity went to sign-up for SGA in late August, she says the SGA adviser asked the 17-year-old if she was pregnant…She was not.

According to the high schooler’s mother, Tammy Williams, “She knew she had gained weight, but she knew she wasn’t pregnant, so it didn’t bother her.”

As reported by WXIA, the Butt’s County Superintendent Robert Costley, who says he just learned of the incident last week, gave the following statement: “We are investigating any allegations. We will do a Williams said she first told the principal in early September.”

The teen’s mom says she first told the principal about the issue in early September.

Source: http://www.aol.com/article/2015/11/06/teen-reportedly-forced-to-swear-im-not-pregnant-on-bible-at-s/21260047/